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DECID is intended for entrepreneurs, designers, students, training organizations, and expert advice. DECIDES, a uniform and structured approach to formalization of business project. DECIDES publishes Business Plan for your file and runs Microsoft Excel Tm. The downloadable version here is a version of [...]

Economic Monitoring

4 curves allow automated monitoring economic developments of a company, association, CA, PO … They can be displayed from one to 4 at a time, according to his needs. He now has a history of 22 years (2003-2025) which reverts to a [...]

Projects budget

For use by would-be creators wishing to have the status of TNS (not employees) Calculating a basic assumption; impacts of changes in key data; review of the cash the first months; break even … email: File Type: Freeware  Excel [...]

Planning Pro XLS

XLS-Planning PRO (8.0) is a tool for management planning planning a team of up to 30 employees.  The principle of this application based on the construction of cycles (of 1 to 12 weeks, according to the Labour Code) codes from [...]

Real Option Valuation

The model of “Real Option Valuation” is a suite of tools assessing the option to measure the embedded strategic value for a range of investment scenarios. The financial analysis of investment expected traditional flow of money will only accept an [...]

Ratio Tree

Details : A simple and comprehensive tree of ratios for most businesses in Excel. Size : 46 ko Type : xls Author : Strategy Expert Web site :

Income Statement What If Analysis

Details : Income Statement What If Analysis (Alternative term for sensitivity analysis). Simulation analysis in which key quantitative assumptions and computations (underlying a decision, estimate, or project) are changed systematically to assess their effect on the final outcome. Employed commonly [...]