Technical Analysis and Stock Information V2

V2 Technical Analysis: The Three Line Break (Break Line three), Bollinger, SAR, OVB
The novelty of this second version is the famous Three Line Break in Excel developped and described by Steve Nison you can view it on a graph.
Passionate trading and technical analysis, excel spreadsheet that will also allow you to develop your own formulas based on a pre-set frame and very complete (of course if you master a minimum excel …). A powerful graphics integrates the notion of time (you can move the graph in time) and especially the notion of multiple periods (view candles daily, 2 days slippery, slippery etc. .. 3 days). You can also see the input signals (in Figure 4 types are available: with the OVB with the SAR or SAR with OVB or Break lines at x).┬áDeveloped without macro, you can experience the exceptional richness of excellence which is referred too quickly for simple office software because it can turn into a real manager of database and programming tool of powerful even without macro.
Creation Date: December 12, 2004
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Author: Mara
Version: 2.0