Description: This workbook created in Excel 97 is intended to facilitate the preparation of pay slips to a household employee. You will find, associated with the file 40.xls Salary, the text of the “National Collective Bargaining Agreement for employees of particular employer.” Version 4.0 now allows to choose between membership fee or real wages. Furthermore it is now possible to include in the salary at 10% for holiday pay or calculating vacation pay if they are not included in the monthly salary.  The quality of safeguarding the ballot has been improved since version 2.0. Password protection available by contacting the author (warning email in plain text only)
email: @ eric.brue

File Type: Freeware
Excel version required: Excel 97
OS supported: PC
Creation Date: 31 Aug 2007
Size: 88 KB 
Type: zip
Author: Eric BRUE
version : 4.0 Version: 4.0
Website: fr/salaire.htm en / salaire.htm