Human Resources

Description: A protective sheet was made to protect only those cells that should not be changed for the smooth running of the program. However for a study there is no word sheet protecting it. After the services, service changes, hours Buying intentions and paid leave (or cpn cp-1) (Do not forget the day of rest by the leter R) seizures per month, total hours worked, number of days Total hours worked Total Buying intentions by month and year are automatically calculated. Once all this is Pouff any job!  click the Color button (and see) it colors the services and the rest throughout the year.  Paid leave for the current year and the year n-1 (previous year) once entered in Total CP left: deducted each time the leave is placed by cp and cpn-1. Once the year Ended click create New Year In Top left and enter the new year.
File Type: Freeware
Excel version required: Excel 2000 +
OS supported: PCMac
Date created: 21 Jun 2004
Size: 272 KB
Type: zip
Author: Simon laurent
Version: 1.0