SQL Excel

Description: Excel Macro, package FREE – Simple Import external data in order to analyze in Excel  – Works with ODBC compliant data sources: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Access, MySQL, Firebird, DB2, etc. … – Compatible with Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007 Date created: 11 Jun 2008 Size: 3 MB Type: exe Author: Al … Continue reading SQL Excel


Description: Tool and statistical analysis to Excel. The data stored in spreadsheets can be immediately subject to various statistical tests (analysis of variance, correlation, contingency table, factor analysis, linear and circular descriptive statistics, etc..). The software also offers a wide selection of plots (scatter trace, normal probability plots, etc..). And as the results are placed … Continue reading StatistiXL

StatBoxPro Powerful statistical analysis

Description: Ms-Excel StatBoxPro transforms into a powerful statistical analysis (descriptive statistics, tests, factor analysis, classification, analysis of variance, …) It is fully integrated with MS-Excel. You select your data directly into Excel spreadsheets and graphs and the results are also placed in the leaves. email: info@grimmersoft.com File Type: Shareware Excel version required: Excel 97, 2000, … Continue reading StatBoxPro Powerful statistical analysis

Pareto dynamic

Excel file for checking whether a list of data values ​​and respect the Pareto principle (20-80).  The code allows for calculations, graphics and interpretation. This works regardless of the size of the list. Creation date: March 1, 2009  Size: 725 KB Type: xls Author: Francois Flament

Technical Analysis and Stock Information V2

V2 Technical Analysis: The Three Line Break (Break Line three), Bollinger, SAR, OVB The novelty of this second version is the famous Three Line Break in Excel developped and described by Steve Nison you can view it on a graph. Passionate trading and technical analysis, excel spreadsheet that will also allow you to develop your … Continue reading Technical Analysis and Stock Information V2


Easily track the correlation, volatility and the historical max drawdown between two actions with this simple and effective application. XlsCorrelation : From two tickers Bloomberg XlsCorrelation: 1) Download the course of two actions 2) Calculate the correlation between the two actions within 3 year rolling 3) Calculate the maximum drawdown 4) Calculate historical volatility. Creation … Continue reading XlsCorrelation