Projects budget

For use by would-be creators wishing to have the status of TNS (not employees) Calculating a basic assumption; impacts of changes in key data; review of the cash the first months; break even … email: File Type: Freeware  Excel version required: Excel 97 + OS supported: PCMac Creation Date: 31 Aug 2007 Size: 239 … Continue reading Projects budget

Monitoring Portfolio – Portfolio Management

 Model “Portfolio Monitoring” allows continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation of a list of values ​​and investments. The model excel to enter investment transactions for a period of monitoring and managing its portfolio optimally. Furthermore, incremental investment transactions undertaken during a period are fully explained in the calculations of the performance period. Turnover included in the model … Continue reading Monitoring Portfolio – Portfolio Management

Portfolio Optimization – Portfolio Optimization

Model “Portfolio Optimization” calculates the optimal capital weightings for a basket of investments that gives the return on investment for the higher risk whatsoever. High return on investment and risk monidre here is that stock market investors should satisfy the most demanding. The unique design allows it to be applied to brochures financial instrument or business. The ability … Continue reading Portfolio Optimization – Portfolio Optimization

Project Plan

Details : Project Scheduling Template currently setup for a Balanced Scorecard Project. Project versus Business. The Finance perspective: Project Cost Overrun (PCO). The Customer perspective: On Time Delivery (OTD). The Process perspective: Resources Planning Accuracy (RPA). The Learning perspective: Project Management Quality (PMQ). Size : 170 ko Type : xls Author : Web site … Continue reading Project Plan

Simple ABC Model

Details : Microsoft Excel workbook with a simple model that illustrates Activity Based Costing. costing model that identifies activities in an organization and assigns the cost of each activity resource to all products and services according to the actual consumption by each: it assigns more indirect costs (overhead) into direct costs. In this way, an … Continue reading Simple ABC Model

Financial Projections Model

Details : A comprehensive financial model for forecasting a complete set of financials with breakeven and valuation tabs developed. Size : 787 ko Version : 6.8.4 Type : xls Author : Frank Moyes and Stephen Lawrence at Leeds School of Business Web site : and

Income Statement What If Analysis

Details : Income Statement What If Analysis (Alternative term for sensitivity analysis). Simulation analysis in which key quantitative assumptions and computations (underlying a decision, estimate, or project) are changed systematically to assess their effect on the final outcome. Employed commonly in evaluation of the overall risk or in identification of critical factors, it attempts to … Continue reading Income Statement What If Analysis

Black Scholes Option Pricing

Details : Excel add on for the pricing of options. The Black–Scholes model is a mathematical description of financial markets and derivative investment instruments. The model develops partial differential equations whose solution, the Black–Scholes formula, is widely used in the pricing of European-style options. Size : 42 ko Version : 1.6 Type : zip