Expense Note Cost

Description: NOTE Cost is a model of classical note costs that can easily be adapted to most companies. It appears automatically the tax amounts and generates accounting entries. Creation date: 27 May 2006 Size: 30 KB  Type: zip Author: Euromatic Version: 1.0  Website: http://euromatic. online.fr/

Model of Fax

Description: Stop wasting time trying to write a fax in French, English and another one third in German. Pour faire face à la mondialisation, To cope with globalization, here is a sheet that allows to apply indiscriminately to francophones, anglophones and the Germanophones. Nothing more simple and effective to treat the image of your company, … Continue reading Model of Fax

Sample Invoice with carbon copy

It is not uncommon to have a double or a triple bill aimed at accounting services to your customer. This model can automatically fill the original and the copy just as you would have done with carbon paper. Duplicate invoice Size: 53 Kb Type: zip Author: ROBERT René Version: 1.0

Model of invoice and specifications for masonry

This workbook contains a quote convertible invoice, special masonry with a database of over 8255 rates (Batiprix) of different body (Structural work, plastering, carpentry, cleaning and many other), with a menu with forms down, make an estimate or invoice will be very simple and easy. Rates are changed with a single click with the increase of … Continue reading Model of invoice and specifications for masonry

Invoice Template

Invoice Template designed for designations to Vat 19.6% and 5.5%, according to a database of pre-entry of your customers and appointments, make your bills easily with the ability to archive it to them out at any time. Size: 2747 Kb Type: zip Author: ROBERT René Version: 1.0