Turnover calculation

Description: Three tables that calculate directly a turnover estimated thanks to the three known methods of linear fit:. the method of endpoints. Meyer’s method. the least squares method is ideal for business students.  email: mapa@tiscali.fr File Type: Freeware  Excel version required: All  OS supported: PCMac  Creation Date: 31 Aug 2007  Size: 49 KB  Author: Pascal STONE Website: … Continue reading Turnover calculation

Expense Automation – management of costs

Euromatic Expense automates the management of costs in corporate notes, since the input to the Integration Accountant.  Key Features: * Parameter setting spending limits for each category of employees, and according to their area of ​​displacement. * Setting up accounts accounting, account titles, names of services, information about your procedure expense, etc … * Control … Continue reading Expense Automation – management of costs

Doc AidCompta

Accounting assistance of a private doctor – Must be usable by any profession. Facilitates accounting tables requested by AGA Automates scales balancing items Allows calculation of driving costs (scales) allows the calculation of business tax actually due … Date created: 21 Jun 2004 Author: Jean-Luc Perrot jlperrot001@wanadoo.fr jlperrot001@wanadoo.fr Size: 32.3 KB Type: zip


Details : Menu driven Excel program (must enable macros) for Historical Financial Statements from the book Analysis for Financial Management. Size : 429 ko Version : 5.0 Type : xls Author : Robert C. Higgins Web site : http://www.mhhe.com/higgins8e

Simple ABC Model

Details : Microsoft Excel workbook with a simple model that illustrates Activity Based Costing. costing model that identifies activities in an organization and assigns the cost of each activity resource to all products and services according to the actual consumption by each: it assigns more indirect costs (overhead) into direct costs. In this way, an … Continue reading Simple ABC Model

VeryGoodChoice Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Details : VeryGoodChoice is an advanced program for doing comparison and analysis of solutions regarding criteria. It is used in various professional context to make the right decision at the right time. Each time you need to compare alternatives, you can use VeryGoodChoice which is powered by a scientific algorithm. This algorithm reproduce the real … Continue reading VeryGoodChoice Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis