Planning SSIAD V5-2

Description: This file is used to manage the planning of a nursing service (or other) of 51 individuals with monthly schedule for all service and print a schedule for each employee. creative planning with rolling. Included time management, the number of salaries required for the service. email: christian.raoux @ File Type: Freeware Excel version required: … Continue reading Planning SSIAD V5-2

Calendar TOSS

Description: A new calendar to manage working time. Discover. News of January 29, 2005: Adding a menu to navigate through the various options. Help is available in sheet1. email: File Type: Freeware Excel version required: Excel 2000 + OS supported: PCMac Creation Date: January 29, 2005 Size: 503 KB Type: zip Author: Denis Joly

Planning special leave

Description: Planning special leave, just put the start and end of holidays and the number of days absent this calculation automatically taking account of public holidays and Saturdays and Sundays. Size: 61 Kb Type: zip Author: ROBERT René Version: 1.0 Website:

Medical follow-up of company personnel

Description: This file “medical monitoring” allows a company to track and review your medical staff. Upon opening the file you will immediately be notified through an alert message of invitations to perform. Choose the number of days warning before the due date. Size: 125 Kb Type: zip Author: ROBERT René