SQL Excel

Description: Excel Macro, package FREE – Simple Import external data in order to analyze in Excel  – Works with ODBC compliant data sources: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Access, MySQL, Firebird, DB2, etc. … – Compatible with Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), [...]


Description: Tool and statistical analysis to Excel. The data stored in spreadsheets can be immediately subject to various statistical tests (analysis of variance, correlation, contingency table, factor analysis, linear and circular descriptive statistics, etc..). The software also offers a wide [...]

StatBoxPro Powerful statistical analysis

Description: Ms-Excel StatBoxPro transforms into a powerful statistical analysis (descriptive statistics, tests, factor analysis, classification, analysis of variance, …) It is fully integrated with MS-Excel. You select your data directly into Excel spreadsheets and graphs and the results are also [...]


DECID is intended for entrepreneurs, designers, students, training organizations, and expert advice. DECIDES, a uniform and structured approach to formalization of business project. DECIDES publishes Business Plan for your file and runs Microsoft Excel Tm. The downloadable version here is a version of [...]

Economic Monitoring

4 curves allow automated monitoring economic developments of a company, association, CA, PO … They can be displayed from one to 4 at a time, according to his needs. He now has a history of 22 years (2003-2025) which reverts to a [...]

Projects budget

For use by would-be creators wishing to have the status of TNS (not employees) Calculating a basic assumption; impacts of changes in key data; review of the cash the first months; break even … email: belleville@sobec.experts-comptables.fr File Type: Freeware  Excel [...]

Planning XLS FREE

FREE XLS-Planning (8.0) is a tool for management planning planning a team of up to 30 employees. The principle of this application based on the construction of cycles (of 1 to 12 weeks, according to the Labour Code) codes from [...]

Planning Pro XLS

XLS-Planning PRO (8.0) is a tool for management planning planning a team of up to 30 employees.  The principle of this application based on the construction of cycles (of 1 to 12 weeks, according to the Labour Code) codes from [...]

Activity Schedule

You can set this schedule with the actors and activities. Each sheet represents one month, and each day can be divided into two parts or not. To generate it, follow the instructions in the “Settings” page (it takes leap years). This [...]

Pental 30

Description: Here’s a spreadsheet to track the work attendant systematic work of a bottling company, and by minutes per section (s). It is unpretentious but it allows a daily monitoring of all interventions.  I do not doubt for one moment that [...]

Model of Service Offering

This program allows a company, an artisan or an individual to provide a synthesis of separate service offerings into two categories. The example offers some materials and some labor, but these categories can be changed at will. This model excel [...]

Model of Fax

Description: Stop wasting time trying to write a fax in French, English and another one third in German. Pour faire face à la mondialisation, To cope with globalization, here is a sheet that allows to apply indiscriminately to francophones, anglophones [...]

Model specifications

This sheet will allow you to quickly offer your customers clear and professional estimate. After entering the information necessary header (recipient, delivery time, ect.), Just type in at least a certain quantity and unit price per item for a total [...]

Invoice Template

Invoice Template designed for designations to Vat 19.6% and 5.5%, according to a database of pre-entry of your customers and appointments, make your bills easily with the ability to archive it to them out at any time. Size: 2747 Kb [...]

Stocks via MSN Course

This excel file to retrieve the site of MSN’s share price to update the valuation of a stock portfolio. This model excel facilietra manage your stock investments and your financial investments by accelerating the recovery of stock prices.  flyonets@yahoo.fr Creation date: [...]

Real Option Valuation

The model of “Real Option Valuation” is a suite of tools assessing the option to measure the embedded strategic value for a range of investment scenarios. The financial analysis of investment expected traditional flow of money will only accept an [...]

Accounting Balancesheet

Accounting Balancesheet Excel is an application compatible with open office. It will allow you to make the accounting of a non-accounting but only know the main principles. Already more than 5000 users in France, many clubs, once paid, the author now [...]

Cooperative Accounting Class 22.1

This very accomplished Excel sheet was written to facilitate the bookkeeping of the cooperative class. It behaves much the structure of the specifications provided by the accounting OCCE. The bookkeeping are simplified to the maximum; ventilation and the production of the [...]

Doc AidCompta

Accounting assistance of a private doctor – Must be usable by any profession. Facilitates accounting tables requested by AGA Automates scales balancing items Allows calculation of driving costs (scales) allows the calculation of business tax actually due … Date created: 21 [...]

Ratio Tree

Details : A simple and comprehensive tree of ratios for most businesses in Excel. Size : 46 ko Type : xls Author : Strategy Expert Web site : http://www.strategyexpert.com/

Master Budget Model

Details : Excel sheets multi-period multi-product budget model for a fictional bicycle manufacturing company. Size : 168 ko Version : 2010 Type : xls Author : Jason Porter, PhD at University of Idaho and Teresa Stephenson, PhD at University of [...]

Income Statement What If Analysis

Details : Income Statement What If Analysis (Alternative term for sensitivity analysis). Simulation analysis in which key quantitative assumptions and computations (underlying a decision, estimate, or project) are changed systematically to assess their effect on the final outcome. Employed commonly [...]